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Stables And Turnout

Horses in stables at Grove Farm Equestrian

The Stables

The American Barn at Grove Farm Equestrian offers three types of stable, one of which is sure to suit your horse's personality. Inside two rows of interior stables with wooden lower partitions and upper grills allow horses to have contact with each other or for horses who prefer to be alone there are a selection of stables with privacy partitions, whilst the exterior stables overlook the menage ensuring there is always plenty for your horse to see.

All the stables are light and airy with roof lights, rubber matting and automatic drinkers.

The Turnout

Horses can be turned out individually, in pairs or small herds as required. Each paddock is enclosed using a combination of permanent wooden posts with electric tape and/or stock fencing with an individual entrance directly onto the walkway making it safe and easy to turn out and bring in your horse. Each paddock includes an automatic water trough and is regularly harrowed.

At Grove Farm Equestrian, we believe horses should be kept as naturally as possible and all horses have 24 hour access to a generous paddock whatever the season.

Horses turned out at Grove Farm Equestrian
Horses in stables at Grove Farm Equestrian

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